Hot Tub Cover Reviews

Hot tub covers are particularly important to cut down on your electricity bill and the wear and tear on your hot tub. I wear and tear this could mean the pump or the tubing within it but the cover will prevent stress on all the internal parts within the hot tub. Whether you are buying an insulated, aluminum, rolling, or a tonneau tarp covers it is important to have at least one.

The insulated is preferred over most for many reasons. Each insulated cover has a rating this rating is called the R-value which is simply the thickness of the hot tub cover. The regular spa cover that most hot tubs come with is usually in between 12 and 15 R-Value. Some companies claim to have an excess of 20 R-value but there aren’t any restrictions on what the temperature outside must be while doing these kinds of tests. This type of cover will pay for itself in about six months on the electricity bill alone.

The aluminum hot tub cover is strong and sturdy and for a more rugged look. Aluminum covers are helpful for families that have dogs that love to chew on things and/or high-volume snow areas.

Rolling spa covers are easy and attractive option. This option allows the consumer to match their hot tub or deck with the cover. It is a simple role on and roll off cover and can be set aside for easy storage while enjoying the hot tub.

Hot Tub Cover

Tonneau are a tarp like cover that stretches over the hot tub and attaches at the sides kind of like a bedspread. This cover is lightweight and cheap but at the same time is not the safest option if you have kids or dogs or any other animals. On the plus side it can be attractive and keeps debris out of the hot tub for a cheap price leaving it nice and clean for use.

It is important to get a hot tub cover from a reliable resource such as Beachcomber Hot Tubs or Arctic Spas or Sundance Spas or Polar Spas. All these brands are fairly well known have reliable and trustworthy hot tub covers.

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