What Can You Do To Prevent or Fix a Soggy or Waterlogged Hot Tub Cover?

Part-time manufacturers like any other manufacturers develop their products in a way that will make you either buy accessories or have to replace accessories within a certain amount of time. The hot tub covers supplied by manufacturers are made using an open cell foam core that will dare I say it absorb water. The plastic membrane that wraps the open cell foam core deteriorates from the chemicals used to keep the hot tub functioning. Over time little holes will develop absorbing more water making your cover soggy and heavy. I hate to say it but for this there is no way to prevent it or fix it your only option is to buy a better cover.When you do go shopping for new one look for a closed cell cover with at least a #2 density that does not hold water. Another item to reduce the wear and tear on your cover is a cover lift, look into getting one as soon as possible.

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